Chemistry with a purpose

This is Chemistry with a purpose, the podcast featuring engaging conversations with brilliant innovators who share their insights on the science that affects the lives of people around the world every day. Through captivating discussions, our hosts Virpi Tognetty, an innovation expert from Kemira, and Jackie Guscott MacAllen, a science communications expert, explore a wide range of topics from climate change and sustainability to recycling and the circular economy. The podcast delves into the most pressing issues of our time and highlights how chemistry plays a vital role in improving our lives. With its informative and thought-provoking content, Chemistry with a purpose offers listeners an engaging and entertaining way to learn about the impact of chemistry on our world.

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Monday Apr 10, 2023

Phosphorus is a critical nutrient used as agricultural fertilizer. Through human digestion, it is returned to the water cycle through wastewater. In the first episode of our podcast series, Chemistry with a purpose, we speak to Matthias Staub, Development Director of Water at Veolia, a leader in municipal wastewater treatment. The company is currently testing Kemira's new Vivimag phosphorous recovery technology, which has promising implications for the circular economy.  
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Monday Apr 10, 2023

In this episode, we talk to Michael Carus one of Europe's leading experts in the area of Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU). Energy-intensive industries are facing increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions. Especially the chemical industry needs to be inventive in how to replace fossil carbon feedstock, since decarbonization is not an option. One solution to the matter could be the capture of carbon. As the technology advances, exploring the use of captured carbon has matured. Today we are discussing CCU and the opportunities for producing critical chemical building blocks. 

Monday Apr 10, 2023

Today’s fashion industry is faced with a great challenge – textile waste. Fast fashion and accelerated trend cycles have led to mounting clothing waste and few solutions to solve it at scale. Industry innovators like the Finnish clothing brand Pure Waste are eager to help solve this problem by offering clothing made from recycled fibers. A new type of recycling based on chemistry could help make this happen. In this episode, we speak to two experts: Jukka Pesola, founder and chairman of the board of Pure Waste, and Kaisa Karisalmi, an expert from Kemira who specializes in chemistry for recycling fibers. 

Monday Apr 10, 2023

Christian Lenges is an innovation expert at International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), one of Kemira’s collaboration partners in the quest to develop fully bio-based polymers that outperform traditional fossil-based derived products. In this episode of Chemistry with a purpose we catch up with Christian to learn more about the challenges and opportunities of making polymers from sugar instead of fossil-based raw materials.


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